• The complete workshop is for 10 hours (2 hours Daily for 5 Days) :

The key highlights of the workshop are:

  • How to memorize things fast?
  • How to retain things for a longer period?
  • How to recall things at the right time?
  • How to delete any unwanted memory?
  • How to improve the concentration power?
  • How to overcome examination phobia?
  • How to recall quickly & avoid mistakes in examination?
  • How to make studies easy & interesting with the help of Mind & Memory Training?
  • Course Content:


  • Anger Management
  • Energize the Mind and Body instantly anytime
  • How to use Power of Positive Thinking in achieving your goals
  • How to achieve your Goals and Dreams
  • Intelligent Food Theory (Diet plan for perfect concentration)
  • Science of Healthy Mind & Body
  • Scientific Revision Plan – Method to revise quickly during exams
  • Role of Sleep in scoring more marks in exams
  • Techniques to Improve Concentration
  • Techniques overcome examination phobia
  • Time Management – get extra time for study and play


  • Method to recollect answers at the right time
  • Method to memorize Biological Diagrams
  • Method to memorize Countries, Capitals, Currencies, Parliaments
  • Method to memorize difficult terms
  • Method to memorize Geography Maps
  • Method to memorize General Knowledge (Objective type questions)
  • Method to memorize History Dates
  • Method to memorize Long Theory
  • Method to memorize Minerals & Places
  • Method to memorize Melting Point & Boiling Point
  • Method to memorize scientific terms
  • Method to memorize Shopping List and Appointments
  • Method to memorize Periodic table
  • Method to memorize 50 random digit in forward and reverse order
  • Method to memorize 400 Years Calendar


Who can join?

  • Any student above class 5 can join this workshop

What we expect from students?

  • The workshop requires positive frame of mind
  • Though the student will be able to apply these techniques & get the advantage from the very beginning of the workshop however it is expected from the student to be punctual & attend all the sessions & spend at least 15 to 20 minutes daily in practicing these techniques for the next 20 days
  • Proper discipline & sincerity should be maintained during the workshop. The institute reserves the right to cancel admission of any participant at any point during the workshop in case of indiscipline & insincerity.