Intellectual’s Feedback

  • “It is definitely very well written & comprehensively compiled. The portion ‘examination special’ caries some very useful & practical tips. It’s a brilliant piece, very well done”

Mr. Alok K. Mitra

(IRS, Addl. Commissioner – Income Tax, Lucknow)

  • “Memory Infinite is a must to be read book by people of all ages especially the students. The author has used his expertise to his best & brought forth the techniques of good utilization of both sides of human brain”

Dr. (Mrs.) Vineeta Kamran


City Montessori School, LDA Branch, Lucknow)

  • “The tips given for memory enhancement are extremely helpful. Wish I had read them when I was in School but it can be helpful at all stages in life”

Dr. Manjula Goswami


The Millennium School, Lucknow)

  • “Good & very informative! A comprehensive masterpiece offering helpful guidelines to students to make mind – maps for easy learning & shun rote cramming of the subjects”

Mrs. Sarita Jaiswal

(Principal – Scholars’ Home, Lucknow)

  • “A book of this kind was actually required for the students; it meets the requirements of school going students. It would also be useful to teachers. Mr. Tushar has done extremely appreciable work for the society.”

Mr. Trayambak Tiwari

(Academic Counselor)

  • “There are five inner powers in every person that cannot be touched, tasted, seen, smelled or heard. These are the powers of the intellect, understanding, imagination, thought and memory. Education rarely deals with these directly, and yet, these are the inner powers that, if developed, can bring out much more from human potential. We think of memory in very limited terms, to remember facts and poems, for example. However, when the infinite powers of the memory are unlocked, there will be simply no limits to a child’s growth. Even in the short-term, students need all the support they can get to master learning. A must for understanding and emulating by every student of Classes V and above, this book is the mantra for their success in examinations and well beyond!”

Sunita Gandhi

(Founder, Council for Global Education, USA

Chief Academic Advisor, CMS – City Montessori School, Lucknow)