“Memory Infinite”

is a total brain development organization, Headed by

Dr. Tushar Chetwani –

“The Best Memory Trainer Awardee of India & Author of National Bestseller Memory Infinite.”

Author of National Bestseller “Memory Infinite”

Dr. Tushar Chetwani has been awarded as “Best Memory Trainer” by India Book of Records in 2009.

Awarded by “India Book of Records” in 2013 & 2014 for having “Most number of students as National Memory Record Holder in a Year”.

Got Award of Appreciation from “Vietnam Book of Records in 2013”.

He is a Visiting Memory Trainer for Income Tax Department.

Certified Diabetes Educator – Indo Vietnam Medical Board

Certified Health Care Practitioner – Asia Book of Records – Medical Wing


 ‘Concentration is all about being interested… So, let’s first strive to make our studies interesting to improve our power of concentration.’ – Dr. Tushar Chetwani
‘Staying fit helps me improve my memory, concentration &  to achieve my goals. So, eat healthy, think healthy and stay healthy.’ – Dr. Tushar Chetwani
 ‘Winners have these things in common…Desire, dedication, determination, a focused approach, the right attitude and the will to win.’ – Dr. Tushar Chetwani
‘Determination, concentration and your attitude are the chief pillars of victory.’ – Dr. Tushar Chetwani